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States Van Lines Solves Your Serious Storage Problems

No matter how hard you try to plan out your move, sometimes you have to make last minute adjustments regarding space. Maybe you end up moving before your next destination is ready to accommodate your items, or maybe you simply realize that you're going to need more space. No matter what your dilemma is, we have convenient storage options suited to solve any storage relocation.

Fast, Safe, Affordable Storage Options For Our Valued Customers

In the process of moving, finding storage can be one of the biggest headaches. You've finished unpacking all of your boxes and take a deep sigh of relief – until you realize you've got 5 more boxes with absolutely no more space in your house. Storage will be necessary, and if you've moved with most other companies, you're probably out of luck and on your own. Instead of leaving you stuck with some expensive storage company, we provides you with several convenient and affordable storage options. Whether you need storage for the immediate short-term or for the extended long-term, we are able to settle all of your storage needs.

When it comes to storage safety, States Van Lines knows you want reassurance that your prized possessions are in safe, reliable hands. Our storage services come with multiple aspects to protect everything you own. First of all, our storage facility is clean, spacious and modern. Not only that, we train our movers to carefully wrap all of your items in cushioned blankets when handling them to maximize their safety. We proceed to do a thorough inventory to ensure that all of your items are accounted for. Just in case you have any upholstered furniture, you can believe it will be sealed in plastic wrap, helping to keep them clean and pristine.

Whether Long-Term or Short-Term, We've Got the Help You Need

One of the biggest characteristics of a successful moving company isn't to just help people with their relocation. A real moving company is able to completely handle all of their customers requests, including all of storage needs. We connect customers to clean, secure, spacious storage units. You won't have to worry about the safety of your items. Twenty-four hour security surveillance offers the best consolation, so you can sleep with a smile on your face knowing your items are in the best hands.

We've been able to maintain our strong standing in the moving industry by always thinking differently. Instead of only offering top-notch service, why not take care of your storage needs as well? Some moving companies have been in the industry for a while but have made no worthy impact. Others haven't been in the industry long enough to leave their mark. We have the longevity and solid reputation you're looking for.

How Do We Coordinate Your Storage

We're more than just certified movers – we're reliable storage providers who:

  • Maximize the safety of your furniture and other possessions by placing them in blanket-wrapping
  • Conduct accurate inventory of every since item placed into storage, making sure each piece is accounted for
  • Wrap all unpholstered furniture in plastic to preserve its cleanliness
  • Offer a spacious, well-maintained facility feature 24-hour surveillance

For the all-in-one moving services you need including storage, you don't need to look very far. Remember that when you use States Van Lines, we're more than just a moving company. We're the bridge to your new home.