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Even though moving is a broad term, every move isn't the same. Different customers have different requests. Some might want their items wrapped in delicate material to prevent scratching; others may want blanket wrapping. This is where most moving companies tend to get stuck. Not States Van Lines. We take pride in being the only moving company with the ability to carry out our customers every need. When you choose us, you simply won't find another mover that will take care of your local moving needs like States Van Lines does. Whether you prefer a more personal in-home estimate or a basic over-the-phone estimate, we adjust to your preferences. After all, that's what State Van Lines is about satisfying our customers. We work night and day in effort to make your move go by as smoothly as possible.

Make States Van Lines Your Local Moving Company of Choice

It's no secret that the process of moving can be difficult. Having to call up movers, get estimates, and begin packing all adds up, and this isn't even counting the paperwork you have to fill out. The truth is, you need experienced, reliable local movers. When you hire States Van Lines, you're getting an efficient moving company that can assist you with any type of local move.While it makes perfect sense to hire a moving truck on your own, you don't want to be stuck packing, loading and unloading. Instead of using all of your hard-earned money paying for the moving truck, gas, necessary moving supplies such tape and boxes, why not enjoy the affordable moving rates and unmatched reliablity that States Van Lines offers?

Other Moving Companies Just Can't Do What We Can

States Van Lines has always prided itself on being a one-stop moving company that takes care of every aspect of your move. Whether you're moving to the house down the street or to a city on the other side of the state, we offer affordable local moving services that other moving companies just can't compete with. We know you're on a strict budget, which is why our friendly, knowledgeable coordinators work with you to create an affordable moving package. And even though we take the reigns of your relocation by handling the packing, loading and unloading, you're still in control. No other moving company relates to their customers the way States Van Lines does – none.

Let Us Take the Reigns of Your Move While You Stay in Control

The most attractive aspect of working with States Van Lines is that you have final say when it comes to everything. Our staff of strong workers will lift, pack, load and unload – basically all of the physical duties. You tell us where you want your items and we follow your directions. Do you want even more protection for some of your items? We'll wrap them in protective blanket. Or if you'd prefer to pack everything yourself, we'll assist you in the self-packing process.

We Disassemble and Reassemble, Too

After a long day of moving, the last thing you feel like doing is unwrapping a bunch of cords as you try to set up your television, entertainment center, computer and other electronics. When moving, States Van Lines has skilled movers that will carefully take apart your electronics, and we also offer full reassembly for your electronics. This way, you have one less thing to worry about after moving.