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Let Us Provide the Smooth, Fast and Affordable International Move You Desire

International moving is more complicated than your everyday, regular move. Because international moving has the potential to be much more complicated than regular domestic moves, it's important that you select the right international movers. Are you searching for that company that will make your international venture overseas affordable and successful? States Van Lines has all of your needs covered.

When you choose State Van Lines, you get our professional, expert packing methods that include carefully wrapping and loading all of your goods and other valuable possessions. But instead of loading them into one of our standard, state-of-the-art moving trucks, we use ocean and air freights to get your items to their destination quickly. When you put your international move in the hands of State Van Lines, you won't have to worry about any formalities like customs clearance. We make delivery to your new residence overseas fast, seamless and best of all, affordable.

Experienced International Movers that Treat Your Items with Care

Don't worry about any damage your items might obtain during transport. Before unloading your items, our movers are trained to carefully remove all debris from your items. To help put your mind even more at ease, you can easily take advantage of the full valuation coverage we offer. It's just another one of many ways States Van Lines wants to help you.

States Van Lines has been successfully guiding domestic moves of our customers for the past 2 decades. We figured it would only be right for us to expand our services to those moving to other countries as well. Whether you've accepted a new job overseas, are going to study abroad or just want a change of scenery and live elsewhere for a while, we understand. We are there for you once you're ready to make your next move, no matter how far it may be. Whether you're going somewhere in Asia or Europe, States Van Lines is behind you all the way.

Here at States Van Lines - We're With You Every Step of the Way

We're not going to just leave you alone and let you fend for yourself. We've got a friendly, knowledgeable coordinator that will be your single point-of-contact throughout the duration of your move. They'll be readily available to provide you with updates on the status of your items, and to answer any questions you might have. You're in excellent hands with State Van Lines. We make it a point to also update your shipment details or flight number, depending on the mode of transport.

What Makes States Van Lines an Elite International Moving Company?

States Van Lines always makes sure that our customers get premier pricing when it comes to their international moving rates. We network with multiple shipping lines to determine which transport route is the fastest, safest and most affordable. This means you always get the benefit of competitive pricing.

Remember that when moving internationally, it's important to plan well in advance. Do your research about not only the country you're moving to, but about the international movers you plan on using as well. States Van Lines has earned a reputation of making our customers international moving ventures smooth and affordable. You can find out for yourself first-hand – all you have to do is call.