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Finally - The Affordable Packing and Crating Services You've Been Looking For

Anyone who has ever moved knows what hassle the packing process can be. It's not only the process that can be frustrating. The fact is, most people simply don't know how to pack. Lacking the proper procedures and techniques put all of your valuable possessions at risk. Jam-packing your boxes with items that won't fit, applying a sloppy tape job and searching everywhere for those hard- to-find boxes large enough to hold your belongings are things you don't want to be left doing. Especially if you're in a rush. We understand your dilemma, that's why States Van Lines offers to handle the entire packing process for you, and even offers crating.

One of the riskiest parts of packing is not securing your items enough. No one wants to arrive at their destination and open up a box, only to find your favorite china cracked or desktop computer damaged. That's why States Van Lines offers convenient custom crating. Custom crating assists you both both by cutting your packing time drastically and allows your awkwardly-shaped items to be placed in a cushioned, comfortable case that prevents damage. We dare you to show us an item you own that we can't create a crate for.

Fast Packing to Get You Going Sooner

The few moving companies that do offer packing and crating services simply can't get everything done in the time frame you need. We offer quick packing services aimed to get all of your items securely stashed away in moving boxes and ready for pick up. It doesn't matter if you're moving across the street or all the way across the country. With our expert movers by yours side, we'll put your items in the best position to arrive at their destination safely and in one piece

An Assortment of Packing Materials that Leave Your Possessions Harmless

Any moving company can pack up a chair or a table. But how many are geared to move your delciate specialty items like art pieces? We take extra caution with your delicate items, placing protective and cushioned materials around them so they don't get damaged en route to their destination. We realize that by moving you we're not only looking out for you by giving you affordable moving quotes - we're looking out for the safety of your belongings too.

Let Us Handle Your Art, Sculptures, Musical Instruments and More

Wondering how you're going to get your valuable paintings transported without subjecting them to damage? What about that grand piano – how will you even begin to get that moved? With States Van Lines by your side, none of these things will become a burden you need to worry about. Not only do we handle all of those items that other movers don't, we handle them with ease.

Our goal is to carefully pack and crate everyone of your items with the care they deserve. We don't just throw your items around; instead we treat them as if they're ours. No matter if you're moving a motorcyle, a hot tub, a piano or just a couple of boxes, we pack and crate all of your items regardless of size. Don't waste precious time searching for elite packing and crating services, especially when you've got dependable movers that handle the entire process for you at an affordable rate.