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Things to Do After You've Moved

So you've just moved. This is no doubt a stressful time. As you look around at all the disorganized boxes, it can be quite overwhelming trying to decide exactly where to get started. Don't worry. All around the world there are thousands in your exact same position. States Van Lines explores the different ways you can quickly get settled into your new home.

Start unpacking by using the peek test. Take a quick glance inside each box, one by one. What contents are included? If they are pots and pans, take that box to the kitchen. Maybe your spouses book collection. Transport them to the bedroom. Of course you would take Fido's doggie toys and cute little winter jackets to the garage. Basically, before you start pulling stuff out of boxes, it will save you a ton of time in the long run if everything is taken collectively to the room in needs to be in first. Failure to do so will result in multiple trips later, which is a major time consumer.

Now that everything is categorized by room, implement quick placement. Put aside quality and think speed, at least just for this process. You are going to come across things that you will need in the coming days, but are lost in one of the dozens of boxes. This can result in much wasted time searching or even wasted money if what you are looking is absolutely necessary now. The quicker you get everything out of boxes and at least randomly placed nearby where you want it to ultimately end up, the better. This can include setting items on the dresser, the table, against the wall, where ever they will be easily visible.

Now comes the fun part that takes up the most time. You must organize! It's best to do this room by room. Make a checklist of each room that needs done. Let's face it. This is a huge task. Once you come upon completion of one room and are feeling a sense of pride in all of your hard work, it's easy to become discouraged when you walk into the next, starting back at the beginning. Seeing a checklist as a reminder of what you have completed will give you a mental image like a pie graph in your head of your progress, keeping you motivated and energized to complete the task at hand.

Since the layout of your new home likely is different than where you came from, you are probably going to be faced with one of two scenarios: empty rooms or not enough space for all of your stuff. In the event that you have an empty room, little may you realize the opportunity that has arisen! The possibilities are endless, but, this is a blank pallet. You could create a quiet study with a desk, bookshelf and computer. Maybe you want to lose some weight. If you haven't burned enough calories from the move alone, try making your spare room into an exercise room.

If you don't have much money now, which could understandably be the case after all of the expenses associated with your recent move, visit flea markets and garage sales. Many of them are selling items from the category of people who didn't have enough room for their things, meaning that the quality is not compromised. And, that clarifies the other option. If you have too much stuff either donate it to a flea market or charitable organization, have a garage sale, or, if you absolutely cannot part with the items, rent a storage space.

Do not despair. Fortunately, most of us do not have to move very often. When we do, it does come with obvious costs, forcing us to do a complete inventory of everything we own. Hard work and implementation of the tips contained here will get you settled in and enjoying your new home quickly and will help you avoid time consuming pitfalls that many inadvertently fall victim to.