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Take the stress out of moving: Hire a reputable mover

Moving can sometimes be a chore and a pain for many people, especially if you decide to do it alone. Most people who are faced with the task of moving, especially if they are moving to a different area, choose to use the services of a moving company. States Van Lines provides consumers with the perfect moving company, and there are a few steps that we do recommend you take before going through any moving company.

Go to the company in person. Check out the moving trucks and the people who are going to be packing your treasures and make sure for yourself that you feel comfortable with these strangers moving your personal belongings. If the moving company has a truck that has not been washed or cleaned on the inside in what looks like months or longer, then you should run the other way! Additionally, if the movers look like they have not been washed since the truck has, you should report this too. On the other hand, if the office, movers and trucks are in immaculate condition, you should be sure to go through this company as they should be trusted with your valuables.

Pack what you need and carry it with you. You know what you need: you need clothes for a couple days, food, pots and pans and your daily hygienic items. It is always a good idea to pack these things yourself before the movers get there so you know where the important things are. This will save you stress when you first move into your new home since you will not be running around unpacking every box right away just to look for one little thing that you need because you know that it is always in the last place you look.

Check out the online reviews for each company. This feature will essentially weed out the loser companies from the companies that will provide you with the service you need to make your move simple and easy. If a moving company has numerous reports of damaged goods and flaky customer service, then they should be avoided. If the company has had many positive remarks then they are a keeper since people are more adept to file complaints than to say that they loved a company. If they have taken the time to express their exceptional experience, then that company really must have made an impact on them.

Friends don't let friends help them move. It is Murphy's law, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. This applies to everything in life, including the help of friends. If you have your friends help you move and they break something, it will not only break your belongings, but your friendship as well. Your friends do not have insurance that will cover your personal belongings so if they break it, they buy it (although they will typically ignore it and not pay you anything for it).

Whenever you go to move, whether you are moving across town or across the country, look to States Van Lines to help you find the ultimate moving company that will take the worry and the hassle out of moving. With the right movers, you will be free of packing your belongings, wrapping your fragile belongings and worrying about something leaping out of the back of your truck. You will also save yourself the pain and agony that comes with the day after moving, the backaches, the tiredness and the fights that are bound to happen. Be prepared for your big move, hire somebody else to do the heavy lifting for you, it will pay off.